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Am Kanal 16-18, Historische Innenstadt, Poczdam

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"Together you're less lonely." CoWorking made in Potsdam - finally getting out of the home office and working in a creative environment, that's the idea of our concept!
Centrally located, super connected and perfectly equipped! Whether you are looking for a workplace, a separate area for your team, a meeting room, a coaching room or a postal address - we are the right place for you.
Time is precious - therefore everything is included in our office offer:
- Coffee and tea flat rate
- Rubber animals / Fruit / Biscuits
- Water
- Internet (50MBit fixed IP and 400MBit flexible IP)
- office supplies
- Printer (incl. copier, scanner etc. in fair-use principle)
- everyday office supplies
- cleaning
- ancillary costs
- administration
- mailing address
- Kitchen
- separate toilets
- reception area
- representative address and building
- many interesting contacts
- and much more
You will find a meeting room for up to 10 people with high-quality presentation technology and a coaching room for up to 4 people as well as a fully equipped kitchen.
In addition to occasional network meetings inside and outside our space, we also organize regular breakfasts where you can get to know all coworkers in a relaxed atmosphere and make new private and business contacts.
Even if "pictures say more than 1,000 words" - come by and convince yourself personally.

Więcej ofert biur dostępnych na ShareSpace można znaleźć na stronie biura do wynajęcia Poczdam. Dla mniejszych firm polecamy elastyczne biura na stronie coworking Poczdam lub biuro serwisowane Poczdam.

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